Columbia's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (CDBE)

It is the policy of the City that Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) shall be afforded the opportunity
to participate fully in its overall procurement process.

A Columbia Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (CDBE) is defined as (1) a certified business (2) has had an active office in the Columbia-Orangeburg-Newberry Combined Statistical Area (Calhoun, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lexington, Newberry, Richland, Saluda, or Orangeburg) for one year; and (3) is a socially and/or economically disadvantaged business.

The objectives of the Columbia Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (CDBE) Policy are to

(a) Take specific steps to ensure non-discriminatory practices and results in the future; and
(b) Fully involve CDBEs in the City’s procurement process

Bidders and proposers must identify and select specific work items to be performed by subcontractors in a subject project.  Bidders and proposers are expected to subdivide total contract work requirements into smaller, economically feasible portions or quantities, to permit maximum active utilization of CDBEs.

The CDBE policy applies when the City has placed a mandatory subcontractor goal on a project, including Subcontractor Outreach Program (SOP) projects. This policy does not apply for Mentor Protégé Program (MPP) projects.  The bidder must subcontract a percentage of its bid to qualified available CDBE subcontractors. The percentage goal will be established based upon the identified subcontracting areas and the relative availability of CDBE’s who will be able to assist the City of Columbia in completion of a specific project. 

A good faith effort review will verify that the bidder made CDBE subcontracting opportunities available to a broad base of qualified CDBE subcontractors, negotiated in good faith with interested CDBE subcontractors and did not reject any bid for unlawful discriminatory reasons.  

CDBE Application Form and Current CDBE & DBE Directories:

CDBE Application Form
CDBE Directory - Registered Columbia Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (Columbia ONLY)
DBE Directory - Registered Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (Outside of Columbia ONLY)

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Columbia Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Utilization Policy
Commercial Non-Discrimination and Columbia Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (CDBE) Utilization Policy

Columbia Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (CDBE)
Program Guidelines

Other Agency SMWBE Resources:
SC Governor's Office of Small and Minority Owned Businesses
SC Department of Transportation:
Contact OBO Compliance Office at 803.545.4185