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City-wide Commercial Loan Criteria

Funds may be used for the following:
* Building construction or rehabilitation
* Business conversion or expansion
* Purchase of real estate, machinery, equipment., supplies,
  or materials
* Working capital

To be eligible for funding through the Commercial Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF):
* Businesses must be located within the corporate city limit of the City of Columbia
* Project must retain or create a certain number of jobs per amount funded
* Certain funds require participation of private lenders and can only be used to fund part of an entire project
* An equity investment on the part of the applicant may be required

Application Process
1. Contact the City of Columbia's Office of Business Opportunities for more information and to get a loan
2. Applicants must submit the following:
    a. Completed Loan application
    b. Three (3) years of taxes and financial statements (business and personal)
    c. Three (3) years of financial projections for the business
    d. Business plan (start-ups) or plan for expansion/rehabilitation. etc.
3. Completed applications are reviewed by staff and if they meet requirements, forwarded to the Commercial
    Revolving Loan Fund committee for review and approval/disapproval.

Commercial Loan Application
Commercial Loan Brochure
Commercial Revolving Loan Fund Code - R-2018-061


CRLF Agenda 1-22-2020
CRLF Agenda 2-26-2020
CRLF Agenda 4-29-2020
CRLF Agenda 5-20-2020
CRLF Agenda 6-24-2020
CRLF Agenda 7-29-2020

No meeting held in: March 2020.

Commercial Loan Committee Members
Kathleen Abraham
Jennifer Bishop, Chair
Ryan Coleman
Dianne Rushing
Gloria Saeed
Mills Snell
Bianca Williams

Commercial Retention & Redevelopment Program (CRR) 2019-20
Program Launch:  Monday, February 11, 2019
CRR 2019-20 Target Area: 
The following portions of:
Harden Street:  600 - 2099 Blocks of Harden Street (Blossom - Solomon-Walker Way)
North Millwood/Millwood Avenue:  1300 - 2599 Blocks of Millwood Avenue (Taylor - King)
Gervais Street:  2100 - 2399 Blocks of Gervais St. (Harden - Millwood)
Taylor Street:  2100 - 2399 Blocks of Taylor St. (Harden - Millwood)
Lower Five Points District Overlay (portions of College, Greene, Saluda, Devine, Santee & Blossom Streets)
This is a forgivable loan program that consists of both a commercial loan project for interior improvements and a facade project for exterior improvements. (See Facade Improvement Program for forgivable facade loan project details.)
Forgivable Commercial Loan Project Materials
♦  CRR Brochure
 COMMERCIAL LOAN PROJECT Step-by-Step Guidelines
 COMMERCIAL LOAN PROJECT Application Package Checklist
CRR COMMERCIAL LOAN PROJECT Application (Document is fillable and can be Saved with your entered information.)
♦  Letter of Agency (only required if you are building tenant making the application; not needed if you own the building)  (Document is fillable
    and can be Saved with your entered information.)
Commercial Loan Candidates must apply for a Facade Improvement Forgivable Loan to be eligible for this additional, multipurpose $10,000 forgivable loan.  Please contact 803.545.3259 for more information.

Contact Office of Business Opportunities at 803.545.3950