Commercial Revolving Loan Fund

Commercial Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF)

The Office of Business Opportunities (OBO), through the Commercial Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF), has funds available to lend to qualifying small businesses located in the City of Columbia. The goal of the commercial revolving loan program is to foster economic development and improve the number and caliber of job opportunities in the City of Columbia.  OBO offers assistance to start-up and existing businesses for expansion, creation or retention of jobs and assistance in the redevelopment of commercial corridors and the elimination of blight.

The City of Columbia's commercial loan program supports Small and Minority/Women Owned Businesses and businesses located in priority development areas of the City.  The funds may be used in cooperation with private lenders in making loans that banks might not ordinarily fund on their own, or to provide gap financing beyond what is offered by a bank for a project.  Small businesses unable to receive financing from other lenders at reasonable rates and terms may also be eligible.

Funds may be used for the following:
 * Building construction or rehabilitation
 * Business conversion or expansion
 * Purchase of real estate, machinery, equipment, supplies, or materials
 * Working capital

Commercial Loan Application
Commercial Loan Brochure 


OBO is waiting to hear from you:  803.545.3950 or obo@columbiasc.gov