Parking Services Introduces Contactless Payment to Gated Facilities

Parking Services is excited to introduce contactless payment technology in our gated facilities. Starting March 2021, all Pay-in-Lane kiosks will now be equipped with NFC-enabled readers. 

When a parker pulls up to the exit kiosk, they’ll insert their ticket and be prompted to pay with a credit card. At that point, they can either swipe a traditional card or utilize double tap-to-pay by holding their phone next to the reader to process a payment with Apple Pay or Google Pay. These emerging payment methods are a choice favorite among consumers and offers a contactless payment method that doesn’t require downloading an app or following a link. 

The NFC readers act as a wave-activated sensor and is a safe, convenient way to add a touchless option. This eliminates the need for parkers to touch and tap screens when they pull up to exit Pay-in-Lane kiosks. The City of Columbia is working to simplify the parking process by eliminating the need for manual payment and moving towards becoming a Smart City!

Note: NFC stands for Near Field Communication