2009 Ordinances

Amending Sec 17-691 1000 Hampton St
Encroachment 2401 Wilmot Ave Steve & Tracy McKelvey
Encroachment 420 Edisto Ave Norman Clark
Annexing N/S Clemson Rd.
Amending Sec 17-688 Historic Preservation & Architectural
Amending Sec 17-277 Plastic Tarps
Amending Sec 17-345 Off Street Parking
Amending Sec 17-403 Sign Maintenance
Amending Sec 21-125 Sec 21-127  Sec 21-153 Stormwater Management Duties of City Engineer
Amending Sec 17-134 Change in Zoning Classification
Encroachment 1800 Huger St Dennis Corporation
Encroachment 2227 Terrace Way Michael Drennan
Annexing Busby St
Annexing 1019 1023 Darlington St
Annexing SE/S Wildewood Centre Dr.
Sidewalk Vending Carolina Dawgs 1333 Main St.
Sidewalk Vending Be Cool College St E/S Sumter USC Horseshoe
Amending Sec 17-55 Sec 17-290 Microbrewery
Amending Sec 17-258 Agricultural Production
Amending Sec 17-681 Historic Landmark Grace Marion St Bull St Elmwood Sumter St
Amending Encroachment 517 Congaree Ave Linda Hiltner
Encroachment 1508 1649 Main St. City Center Partnership
Encroachment 1324 Gadsden St. Zion Baptist Church
Encroachment 1818 Henderson St UCI Medical
Adopting FY 09-10 Budget
Encroachment Miller Ave and Main St The of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith
Encroachment 1331 Gadsden St Arnold Construction Corporation
Easement SCEG Hydrogen Fueling Station
Encroachment 1703 Taylor St Township Auditorium
Encroachment 1537 Wyndham Rd. Tara Dawn Shurling
Amending Sec 17-57, 231, 258, 260, 263, 265, 275, 282, 283, 286, 287, 288, 290, 291, 292, 293, 323, 342, 406, 653, 655
Easement Piney Grove Water Tank Site Lexington County
Amending Sec 17-401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 407 Signs on Property
Annexing 745 Hazelwood Rd 7756 Garners Ferry Rd
Amending 8-221 Smoking
Repealing Ordinance 2008-065 Tax Credit to taxpayers for Installation of Fire Sprinkler Sys
Encroachment 1000 Whaley St Assembly Station Columbia LLC
Amending Sec 19-40, 41, 43, Solid Waste Management
Encroachment 1200 blk Lincoln Blue Marlin
Sidewalk Vending the Peanut Man corner of Main and Washington
Execution and Deliverance of Equipment Lease Purchase
Amending Sec 24-81 Appeal of Vehicles for Hire
Annexing 101 Pontiac Business Center Dr
Annexing 121 Shop Rd Extension
Lease Agreement TN Development Corporation 1225 Lady St
Amending of Ordinance 2007-071 General Obligation Bond Series 2007
Lease Agreement with SCRA Lease of Park St and Catawba St space
Transfer of funds for CMRTA for FY 09/10 and FY 10/11
Encroachment 700 blks of Greene, Gadsden and Devine to USC Dev. Foundation
Sidewalk Vending Palmetto Enterprises Lincoln Taylor @ Finlay Park
Waterworks and Sewer Revenue Bond 2009
Annexing 5809 Indian Mound Rd
Amending Sec 17-258 Computer and Data Processing Services
Encroachment 215 S Assembly St CSL Plasma
Amending Sec 5-325, 326, 327 Absentee Landlord Registration Program
Encroachment 1020, 1022, 1024, 1026, 1028, 1030 Laurens St Lauren St Homeowners Assoc
Amending Sec 5-51 Adoption Conflicting Code of International Building Code
Amending Sec 5-171 Adoption Conflicting Provisions International Energy Conservation Code
Amending Sec 9-61 Adoption of International Fire Code
Amending Sec 5-71 Adoption Conflicting Code International Fuel Gas Code
Amending Sec 5-131 Adoption Conflicting Provisions International Mechanical Code
Amending Sec 5-91 Adoption Conflicting Code International Plumbing Code
Amending Sec 5-151 Adoption Conflicting International Property Maintenance Code
Amending Sec 5-191 Adoption Conflicting Provisions International Residential Code
Amending Sec 5-111 Adoption Conflicting Provisions National Electric Code
Lease Agreement to HSPCA for Humane Lane
Amending  Ordinance 2007-048 Budget Adoption for FY 07-08
Amending Sec 19-31and 41 Solid Waste Management Collections and Multiple Dwellings
Annexing 3825 Eureka St.
 7th Supplemental for Ordinance 2007-072 Waterworks Sewer System Bonds
Amending Sec 11-254 Franchise Fees transfer of Franchise and License Required
Encroachment 1825 Barnwell St Frank Paul Investments
Repeal of 6th Supplemental Ordinance 2009-081
6th Supplemental Ordinance 2007-072
Amending Sec 15-4 Parks Hours of Operation
Annexing 4011 W Beltline Blvd
Annexing N/S 5521 Fairfield Rd
Annexing E/S Cushman Rd
Sidewalk Vending Krista’s Hot Dogs Main and Lady St
Temporary Easement to SCDOT Broad River Bridge
Amending Sec 17-206 Zoning Classification of Annexed Land
Amending Sec 17-401 and 404 Prohibited Signs
Amending Sec 17-258 Permitted uses of Electrical, Gas and Sanitary Services
Sidewalk Vending Dale’s Hot Dogs and Gyros 1423 Main St.
Encroachment 418 S Edisto Ave David Norton
Amending Sec 15-5 Parks User Fees
Encroachment Placement of cigarette butt receptacles on Main and Marion  City Center Partnership
Encroachment 2501 Duncan St Samer Touma
Amending Sec 4-31, 32, 22, 34, 35, 36 Raising of Livestock and Fowl
Amending Ordinance 2009-030 Adjustment of Millage Rate
Lease Agreement with SCANA Lake Murray Water Treatment Plant
Amending Sec 17-294, 295, 305 Payday and Title Loan Businesses
Amending Sec 6-2 Method of Elections and election Districts
Encroachment 422 S Ravenel St. Emi Ohta
Encroachment 3300 Prentice Rd Charles and Christine Overturf
Amending Sec 19-39 Collection of Disposal from Retail and Commercial Establishments
3rd Amending to Lease with BBT at 3905 Ensor Ave
Amending Sec 17-258 Food Crops grown within Enclosure
Amending Sec 17-277 and 406 Yard Signage
Amending Sec 21-84 Stormwater Application fee for Permit and Plan Approval
Amending Sec 2-204 Procurement; Competitive sealed bidding
Encroachment 830 Laurens St. Mark Lovern
Encroachment 402 S. Prospect St Michael and Violet Beets
Utility Easement Broad River Bridge TW Telecom
Amending Ordinance 2009-112 Encroachment 3300 Prentice Ave Charles Overturf
Encroachment 3108 Hope Ave Shelby King
Transfer of Property to Chase Co Catawba St
Lease Agreement 5406 Farrow Rd Open Living Community
Transfer of Property Senate St VistaBank
Amending Sec 17-681 Historic Landmark 1001 Bryan St. 2205 Park St.
Amending Sec 17-231, 275, 283, 295, 324, 653, 655 Zoning North Columbia Overlay District
Amending Sec 17-258 Zoning Employment Agencies
Cinco De Mayo 2009
Viva La Vista 2009
Vista Lights 2009
Five Points After Five Concert Series
MDA Boot Drive with CFD
Capital City Music and Wing Fling
Amending Sidewalk Vending Locations & Authorized Merchandise
Release and Abandonment of Sanitary Sewer Easement 5 Lavington Ct.
Urban Tour and Awareness Campaign
Adopting Use of Force Policy
Adopting Investment Policy
Chords for Kids/Charity Fundraiser
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s WVOC Fundraiser
Authorizing Change of Signatures on Checking Accounts
Italian Festival
Authorizing Participation in the SC Local Government Investment Pool
Agreement with Trinity Housing Dev. Corp. for housing project
Crawfish Festival
Acceptance & Dedication of Jim Hamilton Blvd
Acceptance & Dedication of Moores Creek Dr, Musgroves Mill Ln, and Nestle Ct. in Moore’s Creek Subdivision
Ribs & Renaissance Festival
Authorizing Condemnation of W/S Community Rd.
Agreement with Richland School District One for Resource Officers
Summer Concert Series at Finlay Park
Jazzy Summer Nights Concert Series
Amending Sidewalk Vending Locations & Authorized Merchandise
Authorizing Construction Agreement with Complete Contractor Services, Inc. for 1216 Pine St.
Approving the Declaration & Authority for Accounts & other Authorizations
Rocky Shoals Spider Lily Festival
Authorizing Condemnation for Acquisition of 1742 Busby St for Redevelopment Project
Vista Bikes
Authorizing Condemnation for Acquisition of 1914 Wiley St for S. Edisto Park Project
Authorizing Legal Proceedings to Evict Beyond Better dba The Factory at 1644 Main St.
Amending Sidewalk Vending Locations & Authorized Merchandise
Authorizing to Purchase Land s/s Summit Pkwy for Water Tank Construction
River Jam
Agreement with Richland School District One for Resource Officers
Authorizing Unified Service Agreement Extension with Richland County
Main St. Latin Festival
Authorizing 911 Communications Center Consolidation Agreement with Richland County
Release and Abandonment of Sanitary Sewer Easement 4500 Williamsburg Dr.
Release and Abandonment of Sanitary Sewer Easement 4516 Williamsburg Dr.
Release and Abandonment of Sanitary Sewer Easement 4508 Williamsburg Dr.
Release and Abandonment of Sanitary Sewer Easement 4532 Williamsburg Dr.
Authorizing Amendment Agreement with SCEG Terminating Contractual Obligation on the Bus Barn Property
Authorizing Transfer of 2 Front-End Loaders to Columbia Housing Authority
Vista Bike Night
Authorizing Lease with Stevens & Wilkinson for 1644 Main St.
USC Pep Rally
Adopting Use of Force Policy
Authorizing Agreement with London I, LLC for streetscaping 1200 Blk Washington between Main and Sumter
Authorizing Adoption of Policy to Permit Public Invocations
Group Therapy’s Annual Chili Cookoff
Authorizing Lease with Allard Dial for 150 Montgomery Rd.
Adopting Identity Theft Prevention & Detection and Red Flags Rule Policy Statement
Blue Marlin’s 15th Anniversary
SC Pride Festival
Halloween in Five Points
Collective Soul’s Outdoor Concert
Columbia City Ballet’s Dancing Under the Stars Gala
Authorizing Written Decision Concerning Business License Appeal of Angelica Corporation
Amending Resolution R2007-019 Authorizing Condemnation for Acquisition for Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant
Authorizing Construction Agreement with Prominent Homes for 1501, 1525, & 1527 Manning Ave
Columbia Renaissance Redevelopment Plan
Sita Sings the Blues Film Screening
Columbia Annual Blue’s Festival
Authorizing Written Decision Concerning Business License Appeal of Matrix Scientific
Authorizing 1st Amendment to Agreement with Village At River’s Edge, LLC
Authorizing Agreement with Village at River’s Edge, LLC for infrastructure construction
Innovista Redevelopment Plan
Authorizing Consent to Amend Agreement with CMRTA for Restructuring of CMRTA
Authorizing Estoppel Certificate & Subordination, Non-Distrubance and Attornment with BankMeridian at 1401 Main St.
Establishing Mayor’s Campaign Against Breast Cancer Isabel Law Breakfast at a City Annual Event
Authorizing Waiver of Right to Repurchase area on the Blvd in the Columbia Industrial Park
Authorizing Senior Assistant City Manager Allison Baker as City Chaplain
Support of SC Jobs Revenue Bonds with SC State Museum Series 2009
Acceptance & Dedication of Rosewood Hills Dr, Oceola, S. Bull, S. Pickens in Rosewood Hills Subdivision
Authorizing Energy Performance Contract with Ameresco, Inc.
Authorizing 1st Amendment to Lease Agreement with Palmetto Place Equities, LLC for 2638 Two Notch Rd.
Authorizing Memorandum of Intent with SC State Museum Foundation
Authorizing Notice of 2010 Election for Mayor and Council
Viva La Vista 2010
Vista Lights 2010
Approval for Site Acquisition for Killian Rd Water Tank Site
Authorizing Purchase of 1509 Manning Ave. from Columbia Housing Development Corporation
Ribs & Renaissance 2010